About Bob



Write a bio about myself? Ugh!

I think I’d almost rather retouch flyaway hair all day, well, almost.

Or I could cop out and put up some quotes from happy clients instead? I think I will;




“…Bob is super easy to work with and extremely professional. He’s constantly looking for new ways to improve our process. He takes direction well, but I really never need to give him much direction at all. He has a positive attitude and never complains. Did I mention he’s a great and fun person to have onsite during project downtime? I confidently recommend Bob for any photo or video related project.”

-N Tafur, Nissan North America

“Bob is a top-notch guy with more knowledge in photography and Photoshop than I will ever have. He is a joy to work with and has the best sense of humor even under tight deadlines. I am not the easiest person to work for but Bob set me at ease and blew me away with the results of his work. I recommend Bob to handle any and all of your photographic needs.”

-D Hurst, Mazda North America

“Bob has tremendous compassion for the people that we serve and a commitment to the mission of this organization and this shines thru in everything that he does. Despite the fact that he is donating his time to us, he treats each project with us as if we were a paying client and the best part, his work is phenomenal! We are very fortunate to have his support!”

-M Harless, Working Wardrobes